Graduate Program

CBB is part of the Yale combined program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS). BBS is an umbrella program that incorporates a number of different areas of biological research. Students apply to the CBB track of the BBS program and are part of this track for their first year of studies. After their first year, students join the CBB interdepartmental graduate program and work towards a degree in Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics. Alternatively, students may join any of the other departments associated with BBS if they find that another department better fits their interest after the first year.

CBB offers a Ph.D. with an en-route Masters’ degree; a terminal Masters’ program is offered with a Computational Biology or Biomedical Informatics concentration as well. For more information about these degrees, visit the Curriculum page. For more information about applying to these programs, visit the Application Information page.

There are a variety of social and career events held throughout the year, including Research in Progress (RIP) talks, journal clubs and seminars. Check the Calendar page for upcoming events.

There are also a wide range of initiatives at Yale that relate to CBB, including (but not limited to):