Health Coverage

The first thing you should know about Yale Health Plan is that, if you are an enrolled student attending Yale at least half time and working towards a Yale degree, you receive many YHP services, including primary care, at no charge. You do not have to sign up or pay extra to obtain this coverage, which is called YHP Basic. Your status as a Yale University undergraduate, graduate, or professional student automatically makes you a student member of the health plan. The next thing you should know is that if you are eligible for YHP Basic you are also required by the University to obtain additional coverage for hospitalization and specialty care.

Here, you have two options:

  1. You can purchase Yale Health Plan’s Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, with or without Prescription Plus. Full details on each of these plans, including dates of coverage and waiver deadlines, may be found in the student handbook, found on-line at
  2. You can have other coverage, either by being a dependent on someone else’s plan (parents’ or spouses’ or domestic partners’) or by purchasing other coverage on your own. You will still be able to use YHP specialty services, but your other insurance will be billed for them as well as for any services obtained outside YHP, even if you are referred by a YHP clinician. If you choose option 2, you must give formal notice that you are waiving YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. You must give this notice each academic year. If you choose option 1 but do not want the additional Prescription Plus coverage that is automatically included, you must give formal notice of waiving Prescription Plus.

You provide notice in either situation by submitting a waiver form that you will receive by mail. If you have not received it by the beginning of the semester, call Member Services at 203-432-0246. If you are waiving YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage, you will be asked to provide proof of alternate coverage. No proof of alternate coverage is needed if you are waiving only Prescription Plus. Waivers for the full year or the fall term must be submitted annually by September 15, and by January 31 for those enrolling during the spring term.

If you do not submit this waiver by the deadline, you will be billed through your SFAS (Student Financial and Administrative Services) account for YHP Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage and Prescription Plus. Your SFAS account must be cleared in order for you to register for classes or graduate.

If you waive YHP coverage you may change your mind and revoke your waiver by submitting a revoke waiver form before September 15 or January 31 deadlines. Your coverage will then begin and be retroactive to the beginning of the term. If you miss these deadlines you must wait until the next term in which you are eligible.

If you lose your non-YHP hospitalization insurance coverage, you must either revoke your waiver and enroll in a YHP plan or select another hospitalization insurance carrier. If you choose to enroll in the YHP plan you must do so within 30 days of the loss of other coverage. YHP’s coverage begins the day following the other plan’s termination date. Premiums are not prorated, and you must pay for the full-term cost of the YHP plan.

You may also enroll your eligible dependents in any of the plans for you which you are eligible. Details may be found in the student handbook.