Financial Support

PhD students in good academic standing receive a stipend, which increases yearly (in 2019-2020 the amount is $36,550*), full tuition, and health coverage. The Graduate School Payroll System (GSPS) is a semi-monthly payroll; checks are paid on the 15th and the last day of each month. Students usually have their checks deposited directly to their banks. Financial support comes from University fellowships, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Training Grants, the National Science Foundation, and private foundations.

* Students who apply for and win competitive external awards, such as NSF predoctoral fellowships, receive a $4000 stipend bonus (for a total stipend of $40,550 in 2019-20).

Special note to international applicants: Financial aid for students who are neither U.S. citizens nor U.S. permanent residents is very limited. Although approximately 20% of each entering class is international, on average, we are able to admit less than 5% of our non-U.S. applicant pool. Please take this into consideration before applying to the program.