Student Activities


CBB student activities are scheduled every week on Wednesdays from 4 to 5pm. They consist of:

  • A computational seminar series on the first Wednesday of each month
  • Town Halls approximately every 3 months [including faculty]
  • Research-In-Progr­ess (RIP) and Journal Club (JC) meetings [students only]

The most up-to-date schedule is available via a link sent to all current students and food will be provided at all non-seminar meetings. 

Note that meetings will be in-person and attendance will be taken at all non-seminar meetings. You will need to email the DGS if there are meetings that you are unable to attend.

Student Presentation Details

All students will present once a year after their first year (first years will present separately about their rotation projects). Please arrive on time. The DGS will typically attend the first few minutes of RIP and JC meetings to make general CBB announcements and answer any questions.

CBB Research-in-Progress (RIP) Talks

  • Required attendance: All CBB students
  • Presenters: Year 4+ students
  • Length: 20 minutes + 5 minutes for feedback/questions (10 + 5 if 3 presenters are assigned to a day)
  • Format: not fixed
  • Talk titles should be sent to 2 weeks in advance

CBB Journal Clubs (JC)

  • Required attendance: All pre-qualification CBB students (others are strongly encouraged)
  • Presenters: Year 2 and 3 students
  • Length: 15 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion/questions (10 + 5 if 3 presenters are assigned to a day)
  • Format: not fixed
  • Papers should be sent to 2 weeks in advance

Other Activities

Student Newsletter

The newsletter was neither solicited nor commissioned by the program itself and was instead initiated by current students on a volunteer basis with the hopes of connecting the past, present, and future CBB community together by establishing a medium through which CBB can promote and celebrate itself. It is a way of following up with recent graduates of the program, celebrating recent successes of students, and making public some of the personalities present in our community. 

Please note that:

  • Only students who voluntarily submitted their achievements and consented to their publication are featured, but the successes of other students are no less laudable.
  • Only alumni who responded and consented to the dissemination of their information are featured, but other graduates not featured are still celebrated by the community.
  • The interviewees were all given a chance to ensure the textual of their interviews accurately reflected their views.

List of Newsletters: